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Studies have shown that over 40 million people need or want mentoring or guidance with school studies, home relationships or careers. We as a society should be uncomfortable when we hear about people in need. Through one-on-one or group “youth engineering” seminars for young people, mentoring, or tutoring, J. K. Thomas can point you in the right direction to reflect, then reposition, then redirect your actions to move towards maximizing personal potential. The goal of J.K. Thomas is for everyone to master real “TLC” : Truth, Love, and Courage. When he shares the secrets of success with you, you can confidently ask, “Well, why not me?” in anything you want or desire. J. K. Thomas’ sincerity finds expression in a mid-20th century vocal recording by Mahalia Jackson:

“If I can help somebody as I travel along
If I can help somebody with a word or song,
If I can help somebody from doing wrong,
My living shall not be in vain.”

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Author – J.K. Thomas

It's Not the Kids; It's the Parents

It’s Not the Kids; It’s the Parents

From a mid-town American city to the middle of nowhere; from Main Street to Wall Street; from a country house to the White House, there is no other book like It’s Not the Kids; It’s the Parents. This book will change the course of our society.

Do your kids talk back to you? Do you feel disrespected by them? Do your kids bat their eyes and give you that cute look to take advantage of you? Do your children speak when they’re not supposed to and don’t speak up when they are? Do children make you late for necessary appointments but on time for what they want? Do your children let things slide even though it bothers them? Do they let their “friends” hurt their feelings and never say a word about it? Do they find themselves unwilling to express themselves for fear of offending you? Are your children compromising their opinions and beliefs in an effort to go along with friends, family and teachers? IT’S THE FAULT OF THE PARENTS… and in most cases, even those who work with children…

But there’s hope… This book will encourage parents and those who work with children to not just change, but destroy their present way of thinking so their choices will also be different which will ultimately give our children just not different results, but maximum results. Parents. Adults. There is a treasure that exist, that once discovered, will guide you to maximum results for our children. Read and join the odyssey to find the keys to unlock this treasure.

Millions of people want change but keep using the same formula for that change and expecting something different or better. What’s even worse is that there are also millions of people out there who give up or settle in life; and most of them are unaware of this pattern. J.K. Thomas believes that regardless of your age, background, or circumstances, nothing is impossible and it’s never too late to change and make that personal difference. Even the word IMPOSSIBLE says, “I’m possible.” Let’s go! Let’s make that change!

Speaker – J.K. Thomas

Mr. Thomas’ unique style will create self-motivation through his public speaking engagements.

The goal is to redirect choices through either mentoring, personal development sessions, classes or seminars. Through his years of experience, what Mr. Thomas realized about people is that the truth as they know it isn’t what they deserve.

You and all of mankind deserve better. You deserve to live your life as you truly are and not as society or tradition define you to be. You deserve freedom. Free to say what you want without consequences from those around you who don’t matter. Free to provide for those you wish to provide for however you want. Free to lead one person or a nation of people as they need to be led.

Live your life so your vision has boundless horizons, so your gait has direction and your voice is the pith of courage displayed to all who is in earshot of you.

After working several years in corporate America, he realized that the glass ceiling was made of cement. Mr. Thomas now has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. The Industries include sales and marketing, education, childcare, mentoring, tutoring, sports and music. Eighteen of those years have been working with school-age children and teens.

He presently coaches where his team went from last place in 2012 to winning the Championship is 2013. Also, Mr. Thomas is presently a member of a volunteer fire department and was voted Firefighter of the Year in 2006. He has held the rank of Sergeant.

Today, Mr. Thomas lives the life he chooses. With his present training and certifications he travels the country mentoring and training others to make new choices so we all can start living the lives we have imagined.

J.K. Thomas, The World’s Youth Engineer Leader

A Youth Engineer designs optimal choices for solutions to a problem using internal and external resources of children, teens and young adults. A Youth Engineer is a professional concerned with applying life experiences, education, creativity and ingenuity to develop, first, self-awareness then, second, world awareness. The work of a Youth Engineer is to form the link between what one believes and what is reality, also, to form the link between the true basic human needs and quality of life.

Much of a Youth Engineer’s time is spent locating and researching information to be able to provide the best results to the participants. A Youth Engineer must weigh different choices of an individual, group or organization or corporation and choose the solution that best matches the requirements. It is crucial to be unique and to identify, understand, and interpret issues in order to produce a successful result. The word engineer is derived from the Latin roots ingeniare ("to contrive, devise") and ingenium ("cleverness"). There is no way that we will ever break the vicious and self-destructive cycles of emotions, finances, goal abandonment and underachieving global social skills as adults if we don’t skillfully plan and address these issues in the lives of children, teens or young adult.

A Youth Engineer is not a “rah-rah, go get ‘em tiger” person. A Youth Engineer is not an encourager. A Youth Engineer is not a motivator. A Youth Engineer is not an inspirational person. A Youth Engineer is whoever you need to him to be, at each and every intricate step, in the constant transformation that will occur within you, your child, your teen or your organization. Everything is a process. Everything takes time. A Youth Engineer realizes that and will provide you with support with whatever is needed during the peaks and valleys of this transformation.

Job & Work Training (J.W.T.) – FREE training and preparation

Traveling the country and talking to parents, school professionals and business owners, one of the biggest problems is preparing a student for the work force. J.K. Thomas, in giving back to the community, will offer in the fall and the spring FREE training and preparation for those who are looking for assistance in preparing for a job or a job interview.

There are 10 sessions in 5 weeks. The training deposit is $100. This money is 100% refunded if the student attends and is not late for all 10 sessions. The participant will receive partial reimbursement depending on attendance. For example, if a participant is late on session 4 and absent on session 8, then the refund will be $80.

Here are the topics covered:

  • Session I Introduction
  • Session II Presentation/Appearance
  • Session III What to say/What not to say
  • Session IV Work ethic and attitude towards on the job conflicts
  • Session V What to do with your first check
  • Session VI Preparation
  • Session VII Interactions with co-workers and boss
  • Session VIII When you’re ready to move on
  • Session IX Resume prep
  • Session X Interview practice part

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It’s Not the Kids; It’s the Parents

It’s Not the Kids; It’s the Parents

By J. K. Thomas
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